Why MATCH Works

MATCH's data-driven conceptual structure works for everyone involved.

Why MATCH Works

MATCH has educated thousands of students in the last 10 years.

MATCH uses an interdisciplinary educational structure with personalized assessments and metrics to reduce childhood obesity.

Teacher Developed

Developed by a teacher, for teachers

MATCH was developed by a teacher, for teachers. Designed to save time while meeting course objectives, 94% of teachers surveyed indicate they would teach MATCH Wellness again

Student Centered

Relevant, personalized lessons

MATCH lessons and activities are more relevant to students than regular lessons- using their own data to set goals and build a knowledge-base for making healthy choices.

Administrator Friendly

Maximal oversight, minimal effort

MATCH provides administrators all they need at a glance to monitor implementations, with easy to use filters to customize reports.

"In summary, our search found that your paper in Childhood Obesity last year is the only published
US school-based pediatric obesity intervention project that shows beneficial long-term data beyond one year..."

- Y. Sammy Choi, M.D. - Chief, Department of Clinical Investigation, Department of the Army, Womack Army Medical Center
Combating Childhood Obesity with an Integrated School Curriculum.
Choi, YS and Goldstein, MG.Journal of Obesity and Overweight. Volume 1, Issue 2. 2015

Tiered Accountability

Power and accountability across the responsibility chain

MATCH employs "tiered accountability" for transparency for all aspects of implementation, providing oversight from start to finish.

Conceptual Structure

Based on science, backed by evidence

MATCH Wellness is based on the most common accepted theories and models underlying behavior modification.


Find what works, then improve it!

The MATCH Wellness evidence-based behavior modification model is continually evolving as lessons learned are incorporated to improve health outcomes and user experience.