MATCH Works for Students

MATCH empowers students to make healthy choices!

MATCH Works for Students

MATCH empowers students to make healthy choices!

MATCH teaches students, NOT parents. Adolescents must be taught as adults to develop the knowledge base to make healthy choices when it comes to eating, physical activity and use of sedentary technology.

Students become the “agent of change” at home, sharing knowledge and skills, making their whole family healthier!

Fun, Motivating

Students use their own data to develop their MATCH Action Plan to write smart goals. Periodic self-assessment and reflective journaling keep students goal-oriented and on task until healthy behaviors are internalized.

Engaging, Rewarding

Whether Fitness Leaderboards, rankings, performance-based physical activity clubs, or simply improving health behaviors over time, students earn badges in MyTrophy Case creating peer-recognition and personal satisfaction.

Lifelong Healthy Behaviors

MATCH Wellness activities and lessons are relevant to students lives, developing a knowledge base and skill set to make healthy choices for a lifetime!

"Because the MATCH curriculum is aligned with all core subject areas, our students (and teachers) continuously see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in all courses, not just their Health/PE class, as well as the strategies available to become healthy... As students begin to see the benefits of the strategies they implement, they become even more motivated to continue to increase their progress!"

- Kathy Lewis, 6-12 Director for Curriculum and Instruction, Columbus County Schools