What is

MATCH is an interdisciplinary approach to wellness that empowers adolescents to make healthy choices. Focusing on nutrition education and increasing physical activity, MATCH produces sustainable improvement in weight status now and, years later.

More than
just a Curriculum

MATCH is not only a behavior modification program that engages students to become healthier, but is also a data management system - key to ensuring fidelity and providing stakeholders with real-time data for decision making.

One Solution
for All

MATCH meets the educational objectives and needs of our teachers and administrators without creating "more work", while achieving wellness outcomes in students - creating a win-win for all!


Motivating Adolescents with Technology to CHOOSE Health is a teacher-developed interdisciplinary approach to student wellness that integrates physical activity, nutrition, and technology education.

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Why Choose MATCH?

MATCH lessons and activities are more relevant to students than regular lessons- using their own data to set goals and build a knowledge-base for making healthy choices.
Designed to save time while meeting course objectives, 94% of teachers surveyed indicate they would teach MATCH again.
MATCH provides administrators all they need at a glance to monitor implementations, with easy to use filters to customize reports.
MATCH employs "tiered accountability" for transparency for all aspects of implementation, providing oversight from start to finish.

Benefits and Features

MATCH works for ALL!
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What do teachers think of MATCH?

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